CERT-Devoteam (CERT-DVT), formerly known as Apogée SecWatch, is a commercial entity created in 1999.

CERT-DVT is listed in the European incident response teams references :
  • Trusted Introducer – Accredited since February, 2011. https://www.trusted-introducer.org/directory/teams/cert-dvt.html
  • ENISA – https://www.enisa.europa.eu/topics/csirts-in-europe/csirt-inventory/certs-by-country-interactive-map

CERT-DVT’s team is made of IT security specialists with various security-related backgrounds (auditors, engineers, analysts…).

CERT-DVT is a commercial CERT, providing external monitoring, security watch and incident response to Devoteam’s partners. It is an autonomous structure, not dependent on a SOC (Security Operations Center).

It is possible to directly contact the CERT for assistance on a security incident or details on the offers.

The CERT’s offers are diverse and adapted to different company sizes (medium structure to international leaders).


Incident response

The CERT provides support on security incidents’ response on the following aspects:

  • Incident qualification and investigation
  • Associated risks identifications
  • Support in the mitigation phases
  • Reverse engineering and analysis of discovered binaries and payloads

The incident response’s team can handle a wide range of threats with dedicated methodologies :

  • Denial of Service
  • Web intrusion
  • Data leaks
  • Detection of malicious software
  • Connection to malicious URLs
  • Suspicion of internal intrusion
  • Loss data
  • Phishing attempts


Security watch

CERT-DVT provides its clients security watch on the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

The watch aims to help operational teams in the security maintenance of their products and networks. It is carefully set up and tuned with administration team in order to relevantly answer operational needs.


External monitoring

CERT-DVT also provides external monitoring services to its clients.

It gives operational teams a realistic picture of the company’s exposure on the Internet (vulnerable targets available, data leak, phishing attempts…) with no heavy requirements.

This mission can be requested occasionally or for permanent monitoring with frequent updates on any change on the company’s security exposure.

Items communicated in the context of the external monitoring can help operational team to anticipate attacks (new vulnerable servers on the Internet, corporate logins in credentials leaks, private intelligence from CERT-DVT partners…).


To obtain more information on the CERT offers, please contact us directly.